Mercedes-Benz Has Always Been Innovative

Mercedes-Benz Has Always Been Innovative

A Walk Through History

The Pope once sourced Mercedes-Benz models to be his Popemobile. Princess Diana was fond of the Mercedes-Benz brand, as was Michael Jackson, and so is Jay Leno. The Mercedes vehicles came to popularity in the United States in the early 20th century when many of the famous New York billionaires chose to drive the brand. Rockefeller and Morgan were just a couple of the moguls who drove a Mercedes. Here’s a walkthrough of how the German brand got to where it is today.

Mercedes Began in the Late 19th Century

Gottlieb Daimler is responsible for the company that began making the Mercedes models. DMG, Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft, produced small internal combustible engines for land, air and sea. It was one of the companies that were at the center of the new automobile industry. Emil Jellinek ordered a new type of car, with specific requirements that would make it much safer than the traditional horseless carriages. This model was named Mercedes 35 hp, after his daughter. It was introduced to the world in 1900.

The Mercedes 35 hp took the racing stage by storm. It set records in Nice, France. It set the company on a trajectory to become well-known for safety and innovation. In 1926, Daimler’s company merged with Karl Benz’s company. Benz is widely regarded for creating the first petrol-powered automobile. DMG took the name of Mercedes-Benz for models produced under this company.

Over the next decades, Mercedes never stopped improving its models to make driving safer for anyone in the car. The Mercedes brand enjoyed much of its success in the racing world, which probably drove many of its innovations. It was instrumental in ABS brakes and airbags in passenger cars. Mercedes let its competitors license the technology, making many of its safety features available for all cars and accessible to other drivers.

Professional Mercedes Repair Keeps Your Car in Peak Performance

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